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D'espairsRay History
Rules and How to Submit 
19th-Jun-1999 02:15 am

- Discussions are welcome, but no flaming, drama. Be nice to everyone.

- Media posts will be Members-only. While we cannot police the people who just join the community freeload off the pictures and whatnot, at least a comment, or thank you is appreciated.

- While it is important to show that D'espairsRay lives are enjoyable by all, the image of the band, and their fans, is also in our interest. So right now, only proessionally-written reports will be posted.
In other words: Reports containing things such as, "I GROPED KARYU'S LEGSS!!1!11!" are very undesirable.

- Again, while the current content still remains to be not really comment-worthy, in the future, we'd like to see if people are around.


-Web articles: Submit the article with the link source and make sure it has a date on it as well to make it easier to backtrack. If it doesn't, try to estimate.

-Pictures (Members-Only): We're not going to accept posts such as, "Where did this picture come from?" or "Anyone have bigger version of this?" There's rllysrsphotos for that, or even xxdespairsrayxx could help you.
If you scanned something and would like credit, we will gladly do so. Right now, we are just linking back to posts on jrock_scans. If the scanner allows re-posting of the scans, we will do it here and link back to the person who scanned them.

For example, the last Hizumi RocknRead was published in March of 2011, so it would go under tags such as: 2011, scans, RocknRead.

When it comes to sites where a photographer has taken his/her own pictures of the band playing live as a portfolio, please respect their photos and just link them to their site, as well as stating when and where the live was. Tag appropriately with the year and the name of the tour.

-Videos/DVD rips (Members-Only): Same as pictures, just put all links to the video parts under a cut.
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